Information about service

Service is free of charge.

The service is intended for owners or operators of websites, who takes care about safety of their visitors. Traps in the form of computer viruses, trojans and malware are awaiting us increasingly also on the web. Most viruses often exploits errors in the web browser and infecting of whole computer is therefore a simple opening of infected website.

ElbiaScan is performing periodic scans of your website using anti-virus software and alerts in case of the occurrence of virus infection.

By registering in our system you will get access to the following functions:

  • Quick, one-time scan of specified domain.
  • Periodic scan of your domain.
  • Scan of FTP account.
  • Healing of infected files.
  • Alerts via e-mail in case of the occurrence of virus infection.

We are planing these functions in the future:

  • Recursive scan of whole web page.
  • Periodic scan of FTP account.
  • Usage of several different anti-virus software.

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Thank you for your support!